Punu-manta hamu-ni quyllur-ta riku-ni ,... qam-ta riku-yki,... (qam) nuqa- ta riku-wa-nki, ... llawi-qa punku-ta kicha-n ,... ///... Punu-tha jut-th-wa ,... juma-ru uNj-sma ,... (juma) naya-ru uNj-ista ,... llawi-xa punku-wa jist'ar-i ,...

Quipu (also spelled khipu) are recording devices fashioned from strings historically used by a number of cultures in the region of Andean South America. Knotted strings were used by many other cultures such as the ancient Chinese and native Hawaiians, but such practices should not be confused with the quipu, which refers only to the Andean device.


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