quipu para Rosa:


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From: <chasqui@malko.com>
Date: Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 12:29 PM
Subject: codigo: "camino inca" malko's case
To: rosa.galvez@sen.parl.gc.ca
Cc: iap@malko.com, chasquipttawa@malko.com

Dear Senator Rosa Galvez,,
My member of parliament thinks that "constituency office" is her privet property and there is no need to work for the people, I am welcome not there it seems. Her behavior is far away from official national policy indeed, or perhaps.
Yet we have an issue, not to be avoid, and is real one.
Therefore I am here:

Chasqui I am.
My treatment in Canada, by the system, is shameful indeed
and far, very far, from the things you talk about in Peru.

This is contact request
to work together and to bring this cultural matter into a proper level and solution.
... if you are true to your word we should be allies on the same site:

1) http://malko.com/banery/welfare2018/monafortier2018.png

2) http://malko.com/parl/001parl2.htm

3) http://malko.com/parl/welfare2018/logs/jan12suplemento02.html

Regarding all things in your message to Peru / I am the reflection in Canada
of how far road is yet ahead of us.

Indeed, I am the most qualify ... in many areas.
It is time for Canada to show example of what it should be and yet is not.

I invite you to reflect on my quipus located on the website www.MALKO.com from Balsapuerto, and Saramuro of how long my "Camino inca" is.

Please open the door to your office and your resources
to bring the equality of opportunity to Canadian citizens, and Peruvian people.

I am Ambassador of U


Przemyslaw Malko
Camino Inca


quipu para embajadas:

Malko applies for OSAP and all bunch of "directors" travel to Puno in order to "explain" and "cover up" ... the point left is if the "University exists or NOT" ... if not, what they were doing there on the expense of the Canadian tax payer's money? mmm 21 years on the road and yet we are not clear about the institutional existence.

foto credit: Claude


From: To: #34#Malko.com#34#_#60#, Michael.Jay@acdi-cida.x400.gc.ca CC: caminoinca2, MICHAEL#u#JAY@acdi-cida.gc.ca Subject: Re: education Date: 9 Nov 1999 17:38:11 -0500 Thanks for the information. He left me a voice mail message today, but indicated he has no telephone number at which I may contact him. If you could pass on his concerns, or ask him to write me, I will ensure his enquiries are dealt with. I can be reached at CIC, 300 Slater St, Jean Edmonds Tower North, 6th Floor, Ottawa, K1A 1L1. ---------- Original Text ---------- From: N=Michael Jay/C=CA/A=GOVMT.CANADA/P=GC+ACDI.CIDA, on 11/9/99 4:55 PM: To: CIC-X400BR@X400-MAIL@SERVICES[C=CA/A=GOVMT.CANADA/P=GC+INTERNET/DDA=rfc-822/(q) Malko.com Malko(q) (060)chasquis(a)(062)],Sheppit.Bill@8601BCD@CINA Cc: CIC-X400BR@X400-MAIL@SERVICES[C=CA/A=GOVMT.CANADA/P=GC+INTERNET/DDA=rfc-822/MIC HAEL(u)JAY(a)acdi-cida.gc.ca],CIC-X400BR@X400-MAIL@SERVICES[C=CA/A=GOVMT.CANADA /P=GC+INTERNET/DDA=rfc-822/caminoinca2(a)] Original MHS ID: ca/govmt.canada/gc+acdi.cida/XGW-991109165559- 0500-24811 Original UA Identifier: N=Michael Jay/C=CA/A=GOVMT.CANADA/P=GC+ACDI.CI DA/MSG=1109215559-Re: education ----------------------------- [X.400 Text Follows] -----------------------------

Mr. Sheppit: Mr. Malko has some concerns about his immigration/passport status. During coffee break at an international education conference in Quebec City in mid-October, Mr. Malko approached Mme. Huguette Labelle, then President of CIDA, and myself (Director, Hemispheric Unit, Americas Branch, CIDA) to express concerns about the status of his passport. We explained to Mr. Malko that such issues are the responsibility of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and suggested strongly that he communicate directly with your office. I would be grateful if someone from your office could respond to his request for assistance. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Michael Jay