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Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 09:40:19 -0500 (PET)
From: Przemyslaw Ryszard Malko
Subject: I need your help! (fwd)

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From: Przemyslaw Ryszard Malko
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Subject: I need your help!

I need your help in forwarding this letter to PMO.
I have "Access Denied", and no computer to work on.
Thank you.


Camino Inca Nomadic Research
To Honourable Leader of Canada,

Proposal for a Proposal

To each is his own direction, indeed.
Each one is fully aware of my intentions, each knows who I am. Righteousness, Development, Respect, Equality and Recognition:
Is where I am from.
Proposal for Accreditation is what I do.
Sincerely I am inviting you to the right path.

I am alone \"Nomadic Research\" it is called.
I always ask for help.
I have traveled the earth, and I have seen the consequences
of those before me; enter the gate honourably.

We should not be divided for which I am eager to work and
advocate righteousness. Difficult is my work, I know.
I did not exceed the limits beyond,
and I do not follow the ideas of people who has gone astray.
I just follow in order to understand and inform of everything
each did.

There comes a point in every situation where a common sense
overwrites the policy, I am waiting for that moment,
destroyed by your government.

What else is humanly possible to do in order to convince
unveiling mind that it is true?

I have made a model of a student and investigated myself.
I have failed, in certain extent, to prove that there is an
institution to the blind and deaf.
Stan Dromisky has visited; he will not confirm.

I have made him Visiting Professor,

so I can learn.
I have created fundaments of Parliamentary Friendship Group,
and installed his name on the wall;

He will not confirm.
Indeed, the worst creatures in the sight of God
are the ones who have no common sense.

You will see many of them,
allaying with the fouls projects and proposals.
You will see many of those who narrate to each other fancy words
in order to deceive.
Those who dispute this matter are doubtful thereof.
I know I traveled through there.

> From the fundaments of my work many things can be achieved,
many doors can be opened, many friendships made.
It is not my job to decide.

I am a Director of the project and I am responsible for what I do.
My duty is to roam the earth, learn, and compose a proposal,
no more no less than that.
(If I find support I should bring it as well)

Healthy Project and Respect, evaluation of Syllabus,
arts, science, and all the levels of administration:
just ask, and you will find me there.
My position is to understand and reflect,
then help.

Corruption has prevailed throughout the land and sea,
due to the people\'s work.
Camino Inca foot prints might be seen in many versions.
Those are lessons for people who reflect.
True intentions and consequences are only comprehended by the wised.
I know other facts as well.
That\'s why I am here.

The institution on which I have put Canadian monument,
and it is the highest Canadian Monument in the world,
is only a focal point of what We, Canadians, have became.
This is sign for all the people.
A Remainder.

Note the consequences of their scheming.
I said, \"I will learn\", and I seat on the Chair.
And I value the proud title as much as any one.
Reason I can not evade.

Is shocking how many drew various analogies for me,
to find no path at all.
How much did it cost and much offended only few knows.
Each one has his own "autoevaluation" in mind:
Where do we fail?
All I asked was OSAP,
and you took my passport away.

Many questions comes to student\'s mind.
Woe to what I have learn!
from Honorary Professor that I have made.
Nail into my Canadian soul.

Student I am, eager to learn.
I am searching for a path and
"a healthy situation".
Perfect dimensions: presented as a thesis at the end.

Your works are of various kinds.
International Accreditation Project, it is complicated work.
Soon I will be called by the judge.
Truth I will say.

There are many nations in line, many same question having in mind.
Enlighten the way, show the example Canada should be!
Great Leaders are the righteous ones.

I lost everything I ever had, except dedication.
I even lost the trust into Multicultural Canada for me
it was ones.
If you only knew what I have learn,
in order to remind:
La Cultura!

The rest it should happen by it self.
Many say I am too far: I will die;
(Reason I write).

I said, \"We have to accredit Culture, then make guide how to do
the rest\".

Others are looking at the sky:
\"What happened to Malko?\"
Can you provide what I need?
Will I survive?
....Will you Guide?

I have specific appointment that I can never evade.
Peru is not responsible for what I do,
I am Canadian and it is You.
My school bag it say,
\"Construyendo la Excelencia Academica, Republica del Peru\"
I collect the data: what a miserable load!
Long is my nomadic journey, indeed.
\"La Placa: The other side.\"

Culture of Altiplano is what I always wanted to learn.
Model of a student that I have made have nothing to eat,
destroyed by the actions of many.
This is functionality of the programs from your speeches on youth:
Nomad with no shoes!
Is this Canada? ...I am confused.

I am truthful whenever I make a promise.
I said, \"I will learn.\", \"I will help\"
This is a promise that I will carry out.

Each time my computers are destroyed, phone disconnected,
or I starve in cold while I cry; it only distracts my work.
I say, \"I am sorry, but I will not be divert\".
I have made my academic journey in order to understand,
leaving wicked and falsehood to be nullified at the end.

I wish not to be remembered as activist or insane,
only as a student who really cared.
> From another side, as a Director, I have to say:
for every line I give slowly makes sense,
at the end.

Truthful Guide and I do hornets work,
we should not be divided.
I am constructing proposal for International Accreditation Project.
Righteousness, Development, Respect, and Equality: is where I go.

Will you Guide?

I request Prime Minister of Canada to decriminalize my education
and return of my passport.

Przemyslaw Malko
Ambassador of U.