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Dear Mathieu,,
Please advice is you are moving forward regarding the case or allowing
Social Services of Ottawa in this "transition times" to put me on a
starvation mode, no rent paid, and no food. (remind you I only get $342
as calculated by them, it is all)
It is the responsibility of the Municipality of a "case coordinator" to
contact via email if a citizen does not have/ can not afford one and to
assure the "banking account" is in working condition,
My account is not and, they are using this to punish, abuse, and
I request My social allowance and benefits according to the law and not
to be discriminated against for not having a phone.Another option would
be to increase benefits so I can have a phone to cash the benefits.
Any way case it goes I should be given corespondent allowance and
case coordinator should work for Me not against.
I have never seen my "yet another new case coordinator" that have not a
courtesy to even email if I need anything ... like benefits for October
for example.
IN entire year of 2019 until now there is no contact and no evidence of
them working.
Please, let me know if you yet work for the people (me) or I am
abandoned by you and Municipality of Ottawa,...

Make Ottawa work.

I wait for your prompt reply in order to advance.


Przemyslaw Malko
Camino Inca

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> El 2019-10-04 09:20, chasqui@malko.com escribió:
>> Dear Mathieu,,
>> Again, I am in dire straits and since in the last correspondence
>> you mentioned to contact you without of hesitation, I do.
>> Once again, there is an issue with my welfare check.
>> In simple Terms: I did not get it.
>> I would appreciate to have it,
>> since the first week of the month is already to an end and I am
>> without of basic resources.
>> This should never happen to a Citizen in Need, indeed.
>> If you could give me a productive Hand in this one, it would surely
>> make my life easier here in Ottawa,
>> since I struggle so much.
>> On a deeper Level, allow me a Moment of your time and Patience in
>> order to express my concerns.
>> I got a letter informing that social Services will make "a direct
>> deposits" to which I make my best efforts in order to avoid being
>> victimized by the procedure in the past. I had no way to appeal it
>> since my ''new'' case coordinator did not contact me by email
>> regarding this matter, I do not have a phone.
>> In Janurary 2019 I was already "arguing" with my TD Bank, since they
>> blocked my "easy web" (online banking) access I have enjoyed before
>> because, in the ''official' Story" I do not have a phone. After
>> creating a nuisance at the office I was told by the Manager of the
>> branch that I do need to have a phone in order to be able to see my
>> Transactions online. My "argument" was, that I don't use a phone and
>> I only get $344 a month and I could not afford to buy the machine, nor
>> pay Monthly fee of 50 Dollars to Keep it operational.
>> In other words, they're requesting me to pay 14.5 percent of my Basic
>> income ''allowance'' just to cash the check. (can you image that
>> someone requests you the same by percentage of your income? yet
>> knowing on file about the "situation of My child" created by "them"? )
>> A bank should not be able to force me to buy myself a phone in order
>> to follow the bank account.
>> I should be able to do it from the laptop and internet connection that
>> I already have.
>> Manager agreed that it is not a moral way and she could not put it on
>> writing for me since it is not the Policy of the bank to tell the
>> truth and she just follows the procedures.
>> I said that "I Need some Kind of a verification" that I tell the truth
>> to my case coordinator and she agreed to write a short note to my case
>> coordinator with a stamp, but not with official logo of the bank.
>> The copy of it I attach to you for deeper reflection.
>> http://malko.com/quiputext/220 76welfare/foto/easyweb001.png I have the
>> Scene on video too, but what's the Point? By this Level you should
>> know, that I tell the truth.
>> After few months of the ordeal yet
>> there is "another Level" on which I do not accept direct deposits
>> since from my own experience it is a common tactic used by the "case
>> coordinators" familiar to me, in which they "tend" to deposit
>> "incorrect amounts" and during next few months "Penalize you for it".
>> Therefore, in order to avoid this type of "confusions" (again),
>> for me the serious Option is to have this check on Hand and see if I
>> agree with it and then deposit it.
>> I hope you understand the issue and find a solution to it. (at least
>> they could do is to write it by hand)
>> If you do not know the tactics, I am more than happy and willing, to
>> provide it to you. (any cent counts on o poverty level I am on)
>> In appreciation of your time, interest and work you do,
>> yet, I would like to put one more Thing on the table in order to
>> reflect.
>> On around the January 2019, I was told in person at the social
>> Services by my ''at that time'' "case coordinator" that after 20 years
>> of being on welfare I would finally have the Access to a real Social
>> Worker and to be Patient and to wait. Therefore I did and yet I do.
>> Yet, in all this process my concern is rising,
>> letters are "flying in again", "another case coordinator" Changes
>> after changes, it is hard to keep up with even the names.
>> I was assigned two months ago a ''new'' one AGAIN
>> and it goes on and on, it seems to me, that they are just "kicking the
>> can down the road".
>> Under ''Freedom of Information Act'' or, any other means, that you may
>> see appropriate in this case,
>> is there any way to know, of what my "Case Coordinator" is working on?
>> This Person never met or contacted me and the only Thing I see in
>> activity is sending monthly checks, that itself creates Problems in a
>> vision of advancing "My case" (basic coordination and plan I mean).
>> Like on the "Situation today the moment I write to you", where since a
>> week "I seem to be abandoned for not having a phone".
>> I would like to pass the message that yet I am waiting for a social
>> worker to see my case not only from the Point of view ''case
>> coordinator for City of Ottawa'' that seems to be unable to relate to
>> a citizen but, actually a Professional Person that can relate to a
>> painful experience and injustice that is occurring in my case.
>> I greet you in hopes that this letter will get to you and it will be
>> process the way the last one was.
>> This way we all make better Ottawa.
>> I await my octobre's welfare allowance and
>> a social worker or somebody professional.
>> There are many things yet one wish to say yet, respecting your time,
>> I greet you with regards, (on my "income level" every hour/day counts
>> indeed)
>> Przemyslaw Malko
>> Camino Inca
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>> Hi Przemyslaw,
>> As you know, DBD is the standard and preferred method of issuing
>> Ontario Works payments. It is also the fastest way for you to receive
>> your benefits, to avoid lost or stolen cheques.
>> In a few months from now, Social Services will no longer be able
>> to
>> provide assistance via cheques because this method of payment will no
>> longer exist.
>> If you have no Identification to open a bank account, please
>> contact your Case Worker, they can help you obtain your ID.
>> Bonjour,
>> Comme vous le savez, la méthode DBD est la méthode standard et
>> préférée pour l'émission des paiements du programme Ontario au
>> travail. C'est aussi le moyen le plus rapide de recevoir vos
>> prestations, pour éviter les chèques perdus ou volés.
>> Dans quelques mois, les services sociaux ne seront plus en mesure
>> de fournir une assistance par chèque car ce mode de paiement
>> n'existera
>> plus.
>> Si vous n'avez aucune pièce d'identité pour ouvrir un compte
>> bancaire, veuillez contacter votre travailleur social, qui pourra vous
>> aider à obtenir votre pièce d'identité.
>> Thank you/ Merci,
>> If you have online banking and an email address, you can start
>> reporting
>> changes to your Ontario Works case online!
>> For more information, check out MyBenefits [1] or ask your Case Worker
>> for details.
>> Si vous avez une adresse courriel et vous utilisez des services de
>> banque en ligne, vous pouvez commencer à signaler en ligne les
>> modifications apportées à votre dossier d’Ontario au travail!
>> Pour plus d'informations, visitez MesPrestations [1] ou demandez à
>> votre Chargé(e) de cas pour plus de détails.
>> '
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>> Thank
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