quiputext re: "why?"



...(because) I am Canadian :) and It is My country that said that I can not study linguistics and culture of altiplano because it does not exist,
indians have no culture nor infrastructure nor the Aymara language exists.
one thing is the government's propaganda and falsehood and other is the "grassroots reality"
I am into reality.

They fail to realize that it is my "university's project" to establish that "Peru has a culture" on Integral Bases and let "them" (2)  know  that they need to fix that "ontario's ministry of education DATABASE" since it insist that "peru is in mexico" and so on ,,, it is by default the setup like this. ...it shows stupidity indeed.
at the same time they use it to abuse it's own citizens.
It is a political tool
to torture and descriminate people based on academic interest and race/culture.

They did put me what they put me in an "endless circle"
and said, if I am with Indians and continue my "theory" that they have a valid culture that must be recognized and accredited (+peru is not in mexico), ...and there is not much juristiction Canada have anyway, ... they will "finish me".

Only then we will have "open door for cultural recognition"
by now "international trade ONLY" kind of a thing is going on.
Canada just pumps money into mining and contamination ... there is much more into the world indeed ... culture and international mutual respect as recognition of "native languages" is a must.
...and... 1000s of "programs" that are internationally no more than a money laundry operations mmm (yet at the greate cost to the taxpayer) (...and I do mean billions not millions)

think about it for a moment:
imagine how the canadian Member of Parliament felt while this picture was taken, (Parlamentary Chairman of Native Affaires) mmm

He was standing there at the "Universidad Nacional del Altiplano" ("Nacional") in Peru. Peruvians were telling him that there was no reason indeed to take my passport away, there was no money gettnig to university for a project in investigation of alpaca that costs 4 million dollars and it was in the public domain database of CIDA.

How can you invoice this building in Canada for four million dollars? ...yet it waZ

many things going ON man

Projects of "planting trees" Feds would pump the money into million dollar tree planting projects arriving at "non recognized univiersities" and tell them that they are "exchange program"

mmm exchange is a "2way thing" mmm don't you think?

so how can this happen?

...money was sent there? ..."exchange programs"? ..."developmental programs"? mmm so how come on a Provincial level Member of Parliament (MPP) have no idea, (are not told by the system) and request "Me" to "figure this out" too :

Do you think that this are a seriuos government's question to be asking a citizen?

"whether their programs lead to diplomas" (?) Really? they do not even know that?

Yet, there He was "Fed" with power and Parlamentary Chairman of Native Affaires" (under the belt)

The place he stood (dizzy from realinfo) is when the picture was taken it was in a "BIO lab" (another ghost) lol "20 something 1000 dollars" yet mmm "it never arrived" mmm "yet the place was empty"

"invoiced/ payed up but empty"
where did it go?
"was there a Universyty indicated as beneficiary?" ..."how could it be if according to Canada it exist not?" ... "where was/is send in any case?"
Why to confiscate Malko's passport and complicate his way?
"linguistica andina y cultura del altiplano"
Let chasqui run and end this. Let him know about our issues, narcodiplomacy, corruption, our people of every day, how bad we are and to assist him to find the solutions as a "Ingeniero de sistemas" (quipu code world, therefore "Chasqui I am" codigo: "malko" )

"so much money never arrived". university cannot challange that in front of Canada, simply because they are not accredited and therfore not existent. /non of this is on record/. (Now) CIDA doesn't even exist because of corruption scandals and ineffectiveness between other things. so they merged with ministry of foreign affairs, yet it is the same thing. thousands of programs , millions of dollars, but when a canadian student wants to study there , like for example aymara language and culture is told he cannot do it because it doesnt exist. so when you really think about it right there were 18 million dollars, so where did the money go? ( multiply this by many universities with the same issues / what a scam )
this part is for society...

as for myself, as a Warrior contructed by 27 universities at the time at once it was and it is an opportunity to make a change for good and end this endless circle of corruption, racist treatment of indians/natives and burocratic ignorance by requesting me to establish that the "University in question" has a "programs lead to diplomas" while "tree planting operations" by FEDs "student exchanges", "laboratory donations" "books" and the entire machine of "money garbage backet" if in reality Canada is uneble to recognize it's citizen right to "get education in andinian culture because there is not sutch a thing, ... nor the indian have languages"

it does go on and on

I strongly recommend you to reveiw once again of what Prime Minister of Canada says to his people, ...same that took my passport away.

...so ? here I am :)
all this "duble talk" and "sandwitches" mmm "retirment plans" but in a very sad way the final product is not there, ... not even in 20some years?
how about this? did He get "paid"?

...Perhaps them? did they get paid? and if for what? because, yet I am where I am:

Reflect on that what a bunch of lies, if they spoke the truth I should not be in the situation I am now. After showing my own country that they have to give up that nonsense that indians have no culture to finally correct that stupid data base and fix my situation because, Jimmy, as you may not know, they are working me on many levels; like for example in their little racist minds I dropped out from university on december 1997 when they confiscated my passport. As you may remember I didn't have it for more than 20 years. I remember your comments at the time

have a look at this :

once the federal government has provided the institution code that is needed for the processing of your application, the application can be submitted for assesment, when the assesment has been completed, loan documents and Confirmation of Enrollment (CofE) will be printed ...


can you see how long I do wait for this "print out" to be done?

... is this the best Canada can do? ...Really?

I have presented them many miracles and its not only from the perspective of the perception of that Member of Parliament but there are many other different angles, as killings of shamans in amazons as plant property rights, as endless massacres financed by the channels exactly we wish to eliminate. All this reforms financed by developed countries, all this tax payer costs is been covered up by denying a citizen education and possibility to expand some knowledge and wisdom, ... why not from "indian/native perspective"? or "peruvian".

if you really think about it the entire dispute is about second part of my OSAP that in reality is only $600 and to correct data base in ministry of education 'imagine' that peru is not in mexico and there is a citizen malko that took his course in 'linguistics and culture of altiplano', he got accredited for that and in canada so i could find a work of further specialization to international trade , development of the region, legal consulting and all bunch of things...

just to keep it short

There is another factor very important to consider and its 'lignustic andina y cultura de altiplano' you see that i am a mailman, so as a mailman i know of where each door is, I have met entire spectrum of society and as a nomad and outside of peru I have a unique perspective and if you consider the fact that if canada was able to spend 20 .. years of covering my tracks jumping the borders to peru without of canadian passport... why would they do that ?

all this years on welfare and social costs .. deligations, members of parliament , ministers , embassies , everybody envolved, everybody paid their morgage in the name of development and reforms of education and they prefer to pay all this consoulters and lawyers, case coordinators, vampires an all the burocratic line in between. but in the end when they have a model of a student, a guy that acutally wants to go to peru and study it, they put their fingers in the ears and pretend not to be.

if the canadian senator (Rosa) of peruvian origin that went to peru and suppostly tells the truth, why does she not open the door of her office and say :

"OK Chasqui Malko you were pacient since 97, when we took your passport away, i know you represent so many universites and so many organizations and associations and yet you as a person you hold on to the truth that native people do exist and they do have a culture and language aymara does indeed extist and there should never be an issue of "lending you $600 (and) in order to be approved it must have a code... nice hack malko!, how can I help you? what can I do for you? where do we start to make it better? ... my office is into your assistence. :) "

and then I could teach her so many things... and so on. This days yet is as "scifi idea" indeed, "to be served well in a public office".

the "game on this one": this case coordinator gets a bite of my life in a shamanic way and on a red path that would mean "Wounded".
They do push me into that, indeed I can see that.

Chasqui I am there is a "code"
I can not "give up".

As "Wounded", as distinguished from a cut or incision. External lacerations may be small or large and may be caused in many ways, such as a blow from a blunt instrument, a fall against a rough surface, or an accident with machinery or "Defamation by social assistance process and the "social contract's aparatus", ... and it does go deeper.

I am NOT deserting the post/TAMBO. if I go to Peru right now with my 'tail under', then its easy for Canadians to pay up some bad peruvians to finish me out. (mafia to mafia favores) it is not the first time and it happens now, ... this kind of a dance.

"To copy or imitate so as to ridicule; mock a Chasqui some "bad peruvians" for money will do." there are many diplomatic ways to finish a person (or to try).
That would be the second reason

Just to give you some examples: I did "citizenship aplication" and that "normaly" takes about "30 days to process" ...or "so".
In 2017 I was tired alredy of "vanity runs" request from "them".
I was already in this: "pointing out anormalities"

Migraciones Peru were asking Me for money under the table and Bolivia would "try to hight the truth too" by requesting Me to lie on citizen application that I do not work at the embassy mmm and when I made a request to peruvians to have a look at the situation since I was in more than one and it was known at the ministry of interior / so it was peruvian mess up ... they called Bolivians to "fire Me" for "technicalities", ... corrupted people from the Canadian government applauded and give the green light to finish me ... :) I was saved by the AirForce's General from your country :) who told the truth :) and the truth set me free (from that one) (y) (so there are good people yet)
Many do know the cruel reality:

On another hand:

"Caso Awqasisa" and it's corruption. Corrupted police
danger people
"savages of a kind"
many things to be "fixed" indeed.

You see, in that one, I did extensive research in Peru. One day having conversation with Lieutenant General PNP Marco Miyashiro Arashiro about "the state of Peru" and some of "Chasqui's concerns" regarding the "the behavior of Peruvian police with it's own citizens indeed far from Civilized way", between other things, "how bad indeed it is since they drive cars with no registration, assault people, He said it does not happen. I said it does.


very soon we agreed that there is much to do in Peru so "quipu for embassies" was made. Think about it: If the "Mayor lied" and the police know who to blaim from a perspective of "Seguridad Ciudadana" where are we at as a society? Police wish to move and people as "Canadian senator Rosa makes it hard if not impossible to do good deeds indeed for the people" ...just have a look where I am now :) with all this.

I need to get My own Canadian government get a grip with reality reality and to stop rotating zombies in front of Me :)

In Peru this days, from Canada, I run between many tambos with many "open quipus".

The "Awqasisa's case" takes much of the energy.

in short, ...I helped someone to get out of abusive relationships, abusing family and so on. I helped a Peruvian woman, the abusive man had "contacts" family member that owns a hospital in Lima and have a "good mafia lawer" and woman was in the constant threat that if she lives home she will never see her children again as in case of his own brother.
It got to be kind os soap opera show at "Mexican cartel style"

fixing papers, police making taking "signatures on white papers", falsifications of raports, man ah man. To make this short I filmed the coraption fiasco. I fimed police, and all 9 yards.
I have made a "story" out of this of how bad the system in Peru in reality is for "it's own citizens". There is no "service". No police / not even "Defensoria del Pueblo" at this moment a big parasite took over of "national institutions" I admit I have a good lawyer working at my case, yet the reality is that I left Peru in december because I was tired of Immigration of Peru asking me for illegal money under the table in order to process my application. Since I refused to do that they decided to ''take me for a walk'' and I said ''okay''. This way I have a quipu story of how corrupted the system can be, taking years into processing application that is supposed to be done in thirty days. And since all is connected the abusive ex of that woman that I mentioned before, more precisely his lawyer was waving in the air his middle finger with a big "masonic ring" and pressuming of how much he is connected in the government that as a mafia favor and a couple of dollars on the side he will go after me and finish me... And yes, I do have that on tape, too.
There was a time, in which I did let that situation grow, like a labroratory's colony in order to see, which corrupted strings he would use. There are falsified police documents, reports and everything is just a show. Up to this moment the mafia is kind of winning, but yet maybe I made them pressume that ;) ONLY.
So much documents falsified and so many people motivated that I abandon my task as a Chasqui, that at this moment it is wiser for me to request CAL and his license must be stopped/removed. In order to fix this corrupted deep bleeding of society.

I need his license, that would give me the glow against that mafia, that expands deep into even defensoria del pueblo. And if one knows how peruvian government structures and the position of defensoria del pueblo one can understand of how deep that ''octopus mafia'' gets. For unethical and unprofessional behavior I need his license to be cancelled. I have already pulled some strings at the CAL office, yet I see no results. They really have to identify themselves of how corrupted they are, if any.
There are some other ways to fix this situation, which yet I am opting to do this in a slow and diplomatic way, I have my lawyer on that. I will see his productivity, indeed. For now I left to Canada, because of some crazy mafia guy on the bottom, who didn't know, who he is starting with. If I show, that I am ''wounded'', some small mafias of other interests could jump on me, like Piranhas do, when they smell blood.

My safety in Peru depends much on how much money Canada sends in and how much they think they can permit themselves. So as you may see, it is much more complicated, than it may seem.

Profound shame goes in this one to the workers of the embassy of Peru, how much they failed to represent up to now, their own national institution is much more than shame. It could be seen as treason, but that is yet another topic, like ''privatisation of universities'', ''money transfers'',... so on.

Awqasisa's case is particulary important to me, I can not fail this one and there are many complicated reasons for that. Just to keep it simple for you, she is just one examples of thousands that I have seen, if not more. There are women on the streets in Lima, who when they want to seperate from dysfunctional family, husband takes any object and breaks her skull by beating. In hospital she is not attended, because she has no medical insurance, after living on the streets for five years and selling candies, she still cannot see her children. Now, because she seems mental and how her bones and head joined together, the child abuse is so deep and it's mafia's fault. To the point, that if it escalates to the defensoria del pueblo and TV and live transmission. When one complaints, they even edit the live transmission.

this is a crime and propaganda: must be fixed, indeed

I have two copies, one that was edited live and another of which was told in reality, they do not match. There is so much pain, suffering of children, of parents that I have the social responsibility to eliminate that parasite for their wellbeing. I can not fail that, I have seen so much suffering in Peru. Much of it. People, like my senator Rosa and parliamentarian Mona feed that endless cycle of pain. At the same time, keeping doors closed for a student who specializes in these issues in Peru.

It depends how they move yet. I might jump to Mexico, get a Hotel with David Icke or Max Igan or I could go to Germany, join some university and say ''Hey, I apply to study culture and linguistic of indian people and guess what happened to me in Canada''.
But the entire point is, as my thesis indicates, is to help Canadians to understand that native people have culture, they must respect them, consult them, since they are human beings and integral part of society, correct that rediculous data base and let my shirt go, even contribute, so I can achieve good deeds on my red path Camino Inca.